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5 Reasons to Maintain Your Roof

Posted by Kyle Clausen on Wed, Dec 17, 2014 @ 01:40 PM

Top 5 Reasons to Maintain your Roof

I am often asked "Kyle, does it makes economical sense to perform maintenance on my roof?". My answer is yes, for the same reason you would change the oil in your car. It's less costly to change the oil, than the engine. There are many compelling reasons to have a professional look at your roof on a regular basis. I have listed several of them below.

1. Service Call Bills Add Up

We keep many technicians in our GLS Service Group busy due to emergency service calls. Most of these calls are billed on a time and material basis and the time clock starts when we leave our office and stops when we return. Much of the time is spent driving, setting up and investigating the problem when the dollars could've been invested in the roof. It is similar to a friend of mine who owned a residential heating business. During the late summer when he wasn't very busy he would offer an inexpensive furnace "check up" service. Many customers chose not to take advantage of it, but when the first cold day hit he was inundated with 'no heat' calls many of which included overtime billings for weekend and holiday work.

2. Reduce Hidden Damages

Performing regular inspections can locate problems that may be damaging your building, but may not reveal themselves as roof leaks on the inside of your building. We have customers who have found corroded roof decks with no visible roof leaks. There have also been many cases of mold. Water can infiltrate your roof system and damage decking, wood blocking, structural steel, and many other items. This can be prevented with regular inspections and maintenance.

3. Go Green!

I don't just mean "Go Spartans" here. By protecting your existing insulation for the life of the roof you will be able to reuse it under your new roof. This can save literally tons of wet insulation material from going into a landfill. Not to mention the savings in labor for removing the old insulation, along with dumpster and transport costs to the landfill. That is all before the purchasing of new insulation. This allows you to be eco-friendly and save money, that is a rare combination!

4. It's A Time Saver When You Re-Roof

I know from experience that the longer we are on a job site roofing, the less the customer likes us. They want us in and out. It reminds me of driving during highway construction and having to slow down and end up being late. I am not thinking about how great it's going to be when completed, I am thinking about what a pain in the backside it is now. When you maintain your existing roofing system, the insulation, decking, and wood carpentry work can stay in place while the new roof is installed. This allows your contractor to get in and out quicker.

5. Peace of Mind

Like most men I don't like to go to the proctologist but it's good to know I have a clean bill of health. It's the same with your roof. You never get ahead not knowing what the situation is. It can give you great peace of mind knowing you've done all you could to avoid a major leak problem. Murphy's Law kicks in and major leaks occur on the worst day possible and leak on the president or superintendents desk. Preventative maintenance does affect your state of mind and peace of mind.

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Dealing with roof issues can be frustrating and troublesome. You can get ahead of the curve by utilizing preventative roof maintenance. It can be an eco-friendly, time saving, money saving process if you don't ignore it. Here's wishing you a peaceful and dry week.

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