We'll give you something to smile about.

We'll give you something to smile about.

Thank you for the quick response to our emergency situation and give our thanks to Jeff and his crew for the super work they did and the fine manner in which they conducted business. It was a pleasure having them work on the roof.

Paul & Diana VanKolken
The Shaker Messenger

Our Roof Survey and Inspection Provides Peace of Mind

In order to make sure your roof system performs as designed and installed—and that it upholds its manufacturers’ warranties—it’s important to have it periodically inspected and properly maintained.

The Great Lakes Systems Service Group is qualified and experienced in conducting a thorough survey and an inspection of your roof. Best of all, this service is provided to you without any obligation.

The major points covered by our survey include the overall general condition of the roof’s membrane, flashings, perimeter edge and fascia, expansion joint covers, pitch pockets and penetrations. Our complete inspection report will indicate, describe and prioritize any roof work that should be done, regardless of the extent of the repair or a possible replacement. A detailed report of these conditions, locations and costs can be prepared and submitted to you upon request.

To schedule an appointment or to find out more about how our no-obligation survey and inspection of your roof can bring you peace of mind, call the GLS Service Group at 616-669-6100.

Is your roof ready for Winter?

Let our Service Group perform a free no obligation inspection and analysis so you’re not fooled. Simply call 616.669.6100 today.