We'll give you something to smile about.

We'll give you something to smile about.

Thank you for the quick response to our emergency situation and give our thanks to Jeff and his crew for the super work they did and the fine manner in which they conducted business. It was a pleasure having them work on the roof.

Paul & Diana VanKolken
The Shaker Messenger

We Offer a Dedicated Service Agreement that Benefits You

Great Lakes Systems Service Group realizes that as a commercial, industrial or institutional building owner or manager, you probably have more important facility issues to attend to rather than being concerned about the condition of your single-ply, vegetative or white roof. That’s why our commercial roofing company offers you a Dedicated Service Agreement that benefits you in several ways.

First, it provides you with comfort knowing that a respected, established, experienced and qualified commercial roofing company has been predetermined to service your roofing needs and will do their best to keep you dry.

Second, it guarantees you a 15-minute around-the-clock emergency leak response that includes a 2-hour targeted emergency arrival time, fanatical customer service, and convenient electronic billing options.

Third, it provides you with a well-designed roof top maintenance program that includes a free no-obligation initial inspection, access to an online roof report and management platform, prescheduled periodic roof inspections and maintenance, and an annual electronic budgeting report.

To find out more about the Great Lakes Systems Dedicated Service Agreement, click here or call 616-669-6100 today.

How did your roof do this Winter?

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