Growth. Good for our customers and good for us.

Growth. Good for our customers and good for us.

Each person in our organization brings to their position a dedication which management feels is unmatched by any of our peers. In a great measure, this has allowed Great Lakes to rise to a position of leadership in its industry, in a relatively short period of time.

Ray Clausen
Great Lakes Systems, Inc.

Our History is a Reflection of Our Values

Great Lakes Systems has thrived since its inception over four decades ago. Each member of the organization demonstrates a level of dedication which management feels is unmatched by industry peers.

When you choose Great Lakes Systems, you’ve chosen a professional team member with a rock-solid base of knowledge, experience and integrity. From the firm foundation laid by its founders to the innovation and introduction of web-based technology incorporated by the current ownership, you can rest easy knowing GLS will listen to your needs—and deliver.

To date, we’ve applied over sixty-million square-feet of single-ply roofing including projects ranging from just a few squares to major industrial plants of nearly one-million square-feet.

Great Lakes Systems is an approved applicator for Carlisle SynTec, Firestone Building Products, Duro-Last Roofing and Johns Manville.


Does roofing experience really matter?

We sincerely believe it does. It not only reflects longevity and instills credibility, it provides knowledge to benefit those that follow.