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Avoid This When Hiring a Roof Service Contractor!

Posted by Kyle Clausen on Tue, May 15, 2018 @ 01:27 PM

GLS has recently received numerous questions regarding choosing a contractor to perform flat roof repairs on their roofs with manufacturer warranties.  There are several things you can do to protect your roof and your organization:

  1. Verify that the contractor has valid insurance for liability, workers compensation and auto. If they don't have insurance for any or all these coverage's, it could end up costing you. If one of the roofer’s employees is seriously hurt and they don't have coverage, there's an excellent chance you'll be sued. Protect yourself by requesting an insurance certificate with coverage's as follows:  Workers Compensation: $1,000,000 per occurrence.  Liability:  Compensation $1,000,000 per occurrence Auto:  Compensation $1,000,000 per occurrence.  Be sure your contractor has these coverage's, or it could cost you. (Most middle size and larger organizations have their own requirements, but these serve as good guidelines and reflect the coverage's we are most frequently requested to provide for our clients.)
  1. Verify the contractors are applicators for the manufacturer of the roof system you are having them work on. They should be able to prove they are applicators by providing a certificate or letter from the manufacturer. This will prove to the you that they have been trained to repair the roof properly along with authorized materials.  If they are not applicators for the system, their work, according to manufacturer’s warranty will void the warranty.  Performing repairs with non-warranted materials or using the wrong details for repairs will also void the warranty.
  1. Be sure you're not being billed for repairs covered by warranty. You should have a copy of your roof warranty, if not the roofer of record or the manufacturer can provide you with one. Be sure that you are not being billed for something that was covered by asking for billing detail.  In general, what is not covered are damages caused by other trades that are working on the roof, typically air conditioner/heater maintenance.  Other items not covered are leaks that are not in the roof system.  That can include items like leaking skylights, plumbing vents, walls and windows.  We have recently heard of 3 contractors that were hired to do repairs that should've been covered by warranty but billed the owner because they are not a licensed applicator and therefore couldn't bill the manufacturer.

Initially it may seem like using a contractor with no insurance coverage or contractor who is not an approved applicator is less costly, in fact it could cost you a great deal more!

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