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FAQ's for Roof Preventative Maintenance

Posted by Kyle Clausen on Wed, Dec 20, 2017 @ 02:37 PM

I frequently have had clients as me about preventative maintenance for their commercial flat roof.  My typical response is that I can give you a very competitive price on a new roof but where I can really save you a lot of money is in preventative maintenance.
If quality inspections are made on your roof and maintenance is preformed regularly you can frequently double the life of your roof.  With the average price for a new roof well over $100,000 it make a lot of sense to see what it can do for you.

Here is a list of the most common FAQ's we get

Why do roof inspections and maintenance, I have a warranty?
All major roof manufacturers recommend at least annual roof inspections. Most of what you are inspecting for are things that can happen to your roof that aren't covered by the warranty. These items include wind damage, drains plugged by leaves and other debris, punctures or holes put in the roof by those who service roof top equipment. Any of these items or others not mentioned are not covered by warranty and can cause premature aging of the roof.

How much will an inspection cost me?

The average roof will cost around $250 - $300 per inspection.

What do I get for the money?

A thorough inspection of all the components of your roof, included but not limited to roof membrane condition, roof curbs and penetrations, drainage, insulation condition and more. Aerial photos of your roofs divided into sections for inspection report purposes. A detailed report on each section of the roof including square footage, install date (if available), an overall condition grade along with an easy to understand grading scale, photos and video of roof to illustrate condition and defects. An explanation of all defects, corrective action required and the cost of the corrective action. A condition summary for the entire roof area. An overall grade and potential life of the roof areas. Estimated roof replacement cost at today’s prices. 24/7 access to web portal with all your roof information on it. It can be accessed by computer, smart phone or tablet from anywhere with your own login and password.

                         Roof Inspection Report Sample

Is this a new concept?

No, we've been performing inspections for decades, the ability to show you photos and videos along with condition reports on an internet portal is around 10 years old. We inspect hundreds of roofs annually and the numbers are growing because our clients are finding that it extends the life of the roof and reduces disruption of their facilities.

What are customers doing with the information you give them in the inspection

Some of them take the most critical repairs and do them. Others set a budget each year and spend it on the most critical items.

Do you still have questions?  No problem!  Feel free to contact us by clicking below or calling us at 616-669-5300.  We'd be happy to share what we would be able to do for you.

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