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We're different. We ask. We deliver.

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Time to Take a Look at Your Roof!

Posted by Kyle Clausen on Mon, Mar 05, 2018 @ 03:37 PM


As we get nearer to official spring, now is a good time to take a look at your roof and see how well it did during the winter, before the spring rains start. 

Winters can be harsh on a roof and now is the time to inspect your roof and repair any problems that could cause leaks and damage your roof, insulation and building structure.

To help you with that I have included a the steps to properly do just that.

1.) If your roof leaked during the winter, look around on the roof above the area where the leak occurred. See if you can spot the cause. In most cases you can at least make some temporary repairs with a good grade of latex caulk.

2.)  Inspect and clean out your roof drainage systems. Leaves and other debris can get 'stuck' in the ponding water on the roof and clog roof drains. This includes roof sumps, gutters, and downspouts. When drainage is inhibited it causes water on the roof to rise above what it was designed for creating roof leaks at curbs and other areas. It also adds weight to the roof structure and in extreme cases cause collapse. Bring a trash bag up and clean out those drainage systems!

3.)  Take a roof tour! Systematically walk the entire roof and look for any obvious problems. Include not only the roof membrane area but also the roof curbs, pipes etc that are on the roof. The majority of what you find can again be caulked. Of course if the roof is under warranty it will eventually have to be repaired per the manufacturers specs.

4.)  Finally, take a good look at the entire perimeter both from the roof and the ground. Most roof damage occurs here. Inspect the metal edge flashing especially. If there is damage and it isn't repaired it can lead to some major damage in strong spring winds and in extreme conditions cause a roof to blow off. 

This can be a very vulnerable time for your roof. Now is a great time to check it before the spring wind and rains test it. Of course if you need a hand just give us a call at 616-669-5300 or fill out the form below and send it.

"Roof decisions have become too  complicated.  We believe in making it simple.  We promise to provide all the information and services that you need to stay dry.  That's our promise!"

Kyle Clausen  President



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